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A few weeks ago we were proud to welcome her in our team! Let’s know more about her! “I am so thrilled to be OOB’s new Jungler.

I’ll do my best to improve and provide the tools to the victory for my team” Emilie “Emy” Lerhnault

What was your very first contact with League of Legends?

I started playing League of Legends (season 2) to join friends who were already playing together for fun. I love this game, champions diversity is great!

I then joined the League of Legends Facebook group to find people to play with.

Day after day, I saw that I was improving my game so I wanted to go further. That’s all me, competition and new challenges drive me! Thanks to that, today I am here

How did you start your "career"?

One day I attended the Paris Games Week. This event made me want to go on stage. I remember that I said to myself "I wish one day I'll be behind the screen".

In 2015, I saw a post on the LoL Facebook page promoting a fairly big women's LoL tournament organized by ESWC. I just wanted to seize the opportunity to participate. I've asked several teams, with no real answers then I integrated the Unknights team. We were seen as outsiders but we won together! It was a great game. A strong individual level and good feeling between all of us made us stronger than the other teams.

Your favorite Champion?

Nidalee!!! But when I play with the team I prefer Gragas who is stronger in this kind of way of playing and he is so fun!

You are now part of the Out of the Blue team! How do you feel about it?

This is a great opportunity for me to try to achieve my personal goals on League of Legends and accomplish even greater than for the ESWC. OOB is strong.

It's a great success to have girls living together in the same house! Thanks to a good communication between the players, the team manages to keep a very good and constant relationship and this can be felt in their game. I am so thrilled to be their new jungler!


Did you know the team before?

I met Ayunie and Shiny during the Paris Game Week in 2015. We even played in opposing teams! We became friends, this is a real chance to work together.

I then encountered the rest of the team at Berlin during the bootcamp with Unicorns of Love.

Good point! This was your very first trip with the team! How did you feel?

Everybody was really nice with me. I immediately felt welcome in the team and easily found my place during this event. Starting my adventure with OOB by meeting the UoL team was great! Very promising for the future. I loved their Gaming House, they were really organized, they made us learn a lot on the game. It was a bit like meeting famous people but who finally live like us ;-) AND, I even won 1v1 against Kold & Totoro!

What did you do first when you arrived at the OOB gaming house?

I first set up my room and my desk by putting in place my Pokémons from Thailand: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu. The most important thing for me was to feel comfortable like at home.

Did Mila, our cat, welcomed you as well?

(Laugh) Yes of course. I like its presence. In the morning it makes us think about something else. It creates a completely different atmosphere allowing us to decompress between each game. It is part of the team as well…The 6th player

What do you do when you're not playing league of legends?

I love watching Japanese anime. My favorite one is Naruto that I grew up with. It taught me a lot, it forged my values. One of which is “never to give up”.

I also love travelling, with a special crush for Thailand and New York!



Thank you Emy! And again, WELCOME in our team!
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